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Puppet for tournaments  
Puppet for tournaments
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Commands for admins

This commands are only available for the admins of a puppet

List of commands

@listadmincommands @listadminturcommands

Configuration of the puppet

@showconfig @showconfigitem @setconfigitem

Organize channels

@addchannel @deletechannel @listchannels @showdetailchannel @setchannelconfig @checkchannel @makemeoper


@inittur @starttur @reopentur @closetur @showtur

Configuration of groups

@namegroup @namegroupengl @groupupdown @groupvetorefuseskip

Organizing players

@addplayer @deleteplayer @seedplayer @adminregister @adminderegister

Deadlines and Ticker

@setdeadline @setticker

Organizing game families and comments

@addgamefamily @deletegamefamily @addgamecomment @deletegamecomment

Commands for Swiss Mode

@importtv @exporttv @newroundtv

Entering results of single games manually

@adminentergame @admincorrectgame @admincorrectgamenr @admindeletegame @admindeletegamenr

Manually scoring matches

@adminsetnextgame @adminentermatch @adminentermatchnr @adminenterpoints @admindeletepoints @settiebreaker @disqualify @adminclosematch

Entering comments for games and matches

@admincommentgame @admincommentgamenr @admincommentmatch @admincommentmatchnr

Send messages with the puppet

@sendmessage @sendallplayersmessage @sendmessagedeadline @sendmessagedeadlinegroup @showallmessages @deleteallmessages @deletemessagesforplayer


@setlotteryparticipants @setallplayerslotteryparticipants @setlotteryprizes @setlotterystartchat @setlotteryendchat @setlotterybreaks @checklottery @startlottery @getcitiesfromphp @restorecityinfo

Who kicked the puppet?

@showkickliste @delkickliste

Showing SAVEs of the puppet (i.e. the puppets memory)

@showsave @showallsaves



What to do if data got lost?

@getconfigfromphp @restoreconfig @getgroupinfofromphp @restoregroupinfo @getmatchesfromphp @deleteallmatches @restorematches @restoreSAVE @getgamefamiliesfromphp @restoregamefamilies @getgamecommentsfromphp @restoregamecomments @getregistrationfromphp @restoreregistration



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