Puppet for tournaments
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2008/09/12: New address of puppet's data

Puppetcode: /puppetdef set _puppetname url=turnier/3
php-Script: Download and rename to turnier.php (don't unzip!)

What kind of tournaments are supported by the puppet?

By now the puppet only supports tournaments with 2 players playing a single game.

The puppet supports tournaments in groups (round robin) even with more than 1 round (i.e. 2 players play a match in each single round).

The puppet also supports KO-tournaments (single elimination), where it is possible to seed players.

The puppet also supports import and export to the program Turnierverwaltung, when playing a tournament in swiss mode.


Possible modi for a single match between two players:

  • bo: for a best-of
  • fixed: for a fixed number of games
  • sum: for playing until a fixed sum is reached
  • sog: (sum-of-games) for playing a fixed number of games, deciding the winner using the sum of points of this games
  • fixedsog for playing a fixed number of games and getting extra points for the player with the higher sum of points in the games

When playing in groups, each group can play with another mode (e.g. bo5 in group1 and bo3 in group2)

When playing a KO-tournament, each round can be played in another mode (e.g. bo3 until quarter finals, bo5 in semi finals and bo7 in finals).

Not supported by now is double-elimination.

Supported languages: german and english

The puppet will send messages in german or english according to the language settings of a player.
The result tables will be displayed with german or english text according to the parameter ?language. When calling the script using turnier.php?language=de table view will be displayed in english, when calling using turnier.php?language=en table view will be in german. If no option is set, the table view will be german.